A Word from Our Chief Nosey Parker.


If you're nosey about new and earth friendly ways to shop for your mind & body then you've come to the right place. Nosey produces products that are simple & natural - designed to smell wonderful, look amazing, not destroy the planet and help with life's emotional wobbles. 

As a mother of a teenage girl, I am especially excited to offer our Aroma Memory Technique products as a way to help teens manage school pressure, stimulate academic memory recall, help deepen yoga short help encourage a more positive and abundant outlook for everyone.

For the body, I discovered Peshtemal Towels, also known as Turkish Towels, many years ago while on a trip to Europe. I immediately fell for their soft, super absorbent, hand woven fabric. Nosey towels are made with 100% Aegean cotton, using traditional techniques and without the use of harmful dyes. Use at the beach, pool, yoga or home. Once you try these beauties you'll dump your terry towels for good!

We love to discover fabs finds, so please let us know what products you're NOSEY about. 

Vanessa x

Chief Nosey Parker & Founder of Nosey