Why is smell so strongly linked to memory?


Question…...Have you ever walked down the street and caught the whiff of a familiar scent in the air? In a flash, this scent catapults you back to a memory that is as clear as day. 

It might be a place, It might be a person. 

You instantly remember the way things looked and (here’s the magic part) the way you felt emotionally. 

There are reports of people chasing strangers down the street in tears to ask what perfume they are wearing because it triggered such a powerful emotional memory. 

While researching this strange occurrence I stumbled upon some extremely interesting facts. Firstly that this occurrence had a sciencey name, Odor Induced Memory, and secondly that is had some actual studies to back it up!

The Science behind OIM

A Professor at Brown University ran some studies to see whether you could manipulate this theory into creating ‘deliberate smell induced memories.’

  • A case group of people were exposed to a particular scent during a few moments of calm and peace in a location that they felt relaxed.
  • The same scent was then reintroduced during a task that caused these people to have feelings of anxiety. 
  • The people reported feeling less anxious and more focus on the task after smelling the scent.
  • When a random scent was introduced they did not feel any reduction in anxiety.
  • The study also uncovered that if college students were exposed to a scent during study time when they used that same scent during their exam they found that their ability to recall facts and information was heightened. 
  • This was particularly effective if each study material was assigned an individual scent.

Based on this research I launched a company called NOSEY (pun intended) which produces and develops products that allow people to create Odor Induced Memories (OIM) or as I now call them, Aroma Memory. 

Nosey Study Memory Kits help students to memorize for exams as well as managed their anxiety.  Nosey Wellness Kits allow you to anchor aroma to your favorite mindful activity, like yoga or meditation.

It's time to Smell Life Your Way! 




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