What does smart mean to kids

Why I Hate the Word Smart

Why I Hate the Word Smart

My son is in the midst of secondary school entrance exams. At 11 years old he is experiencing the cruel world of selection and all that goes along ...

Why the Smell of Lavender Makes me Happy.

My Lavender Aroma Memory

When I was a child, I stayed at my grandmother's house over the summers. I loved my grandmother, and whenever I was in her home, I felt content and protected. My grandmother would dry lavender and place small bags of it in her linen drawers. At night I would go to sleep wrapped in the subtle sweet smell that lingered in the sheets. So it makes sense that as an adult whenever I smell of lavender, it triggers a powerful memory of being in that house and feeling loved and peaceful. 

That is a POSITIVE AROMA MEMORY that cannot be erased. 
I own that memory.